RF Planning
Equipped with the necessary tools and theoretical background, our team of experienced consultants and engineers are capable of delivering an efficient dimensioning solution to any type of 2G/3G/4G network. We ensure a dimensioning plan that is customized for the particular topology and traffic distribution.
RF and TND Survey has very important role in Network Planning. We chose multiple best candidates to install physical site as per coverage requirement in the area along with transmission media provisioning possibility at the site. We have sufficient inventory of Survey & infra tools along with required skillset engineers who do site surveys in all types of challenging terrains.
Network Optimization
With the latest tools, our highly experienced team of engineers deliver drive test solutions for Optimization & Troubleshooting, Service Quality Monitoring, Competitive Bench-marking and reporting in various formats customized according to customers’ needs. We do optimization on 2G/3G/4G/4G+ including VoLTE technologies such as SCFT, Single site optimization, Cluster Optimization & Benchmarking.
Network Integration & Acceptance
BTS , Small Cell , Microwave , Mux , Routers & Access Point Commissioning ,Integration & Network Acceptance

We specialize in getting the active nodes live and integrating them with the back end core so the nodes are ready for commercial use. This process also includes complex customer acceptance testing to consider a node a part of the live network